The Lizard

Slam! Stomp, stomp, stomp.  “Aughhhhhh, what did you do to my lovable, huggable beautiful lunge?” my best friend Gwen screamed as she stormed into my room, eyes as big as saucers. She’s from Ireland and she’s very prettt. She has bright green eyes and auburn hair upto her elbows. Lunge was her lizard.

“I-I’m so sorry, he died this afternoon” I said.

While I was talking, Gwen had turned around and took a few deep breaths. Her mom is a Yoga teacher and believes that deep breaths can calm down your angriest emotions.

“So anyway” I said desperately, “I can get you a new lizard, or a fish or a snake. Anything.” “No thanks, bye.” she huffed angrily as she clomped out of my room. jogged to her bike and pedaled furiously down to her house, 5 blocks away on Cherry Lane.

The next day, I was awakened by the sound of egg frying and the smell of sausage. I got dressed in am old T-shirt and baggy shorts. My mom was standing by the stove and flipping eggs. “Hi Mom, I’m going to Gwen’s house” I said while grabbing a sausage from my dad’s plate. “Well, at least have breakfast before you go” my dad said. “No I can’t. I have to go to the reptile house and the animal shelter” I explained. So I hopped on my bike and went to the reptile house. I sold the lizard habitat and with the money I got, I picked up a black curly-haired toy poodle named Mindy. I tied her leash to my handlebars and put Mindy in my bike’s basket and headed over to Gwen’s house.

I rang the doorbell., Gwen answered the door. “What do you want?” she asked. “Look, I know you loved Lunge and you want a dog. But your mom’s allergic. So meet Mindy. She’s an energetic toy poodle with a lot of personality. She’s also hypoallergenic, for your mom.” “But, Mom and Dad….” she faltered.  “I’ve already talked to them. They’re okay with it. They already have all the essentials she needs, it’s all hidden in the basement as a surprise for you” I told her.

“Wow, thanks. But why would you do this?” she inquired. “Because, we’re friends.” I said


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