Flash Fiction 20

His mother was making him meet with her. She was so not his type. Long hair, lots of jasmine flowers woven into them. A pale sari, a big bindi, traditional jewelry. She did have nice dimples, but that was about it.

He was looking for a modern woman, a little sass, a little oomph. This girl was such a thayirvadai.*

They were asked to go to the garden to get to know each other. “What’s the point?” he thought, “I’m gonna say no to her.” decidedly.

She started leading the way toward the garden. As she turned, her plait swung forward revealing half of a wicked mandala tattoo on the nape of her neck. Also, was that a purple streak in her hair?

“Whoa, there’s more to this book than its cover.” he amended.

*thayirvadai – A term used to depict a very typical south indian. Its also a very tasty snack


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction 20

  1. It is long since I read such a short story that provoked a big laugh.How I wish I could compress humour in so few words.That ‘thayirvadai’ spoke volumes that no long para could explain.Cheers!!

    1. Thanks KP, for your kind words and unstinting encouragement every time. I look forward to reading your comments every time I publish something new.

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