Flash Fiction 16

Yesterday, 2 neighboring families were at each other’s throats – the Iyengar girl had fallen in love with the Muslim boy. Long forgotten were the Krishnashtamis and Eids they’d celebrated together.

Today as their toddler grandson was sinking in 7 feet water, that Muslim boy pulled him to safety. Voila, they were friends again, possibly even future in-laws’


This piece is dedicated to all the heroes in Chennai, people that have risen above caste, creed and are simply, sublimely HUMAN


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction 16

  1. Indeed although nature is playing havoc but we need to see how humanity is winning and maybe just maybe once all is settled we all can be better humans then only during calamity. .

    1. Isn’t it sad that it takes a natural or a man made disaster to discover the human within? I’m going to join you in hoping we learn to be better humans at all times

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