“You must have been the person that killed the golden egg laying goose in Jataka tales.” said the DH vehemently.

Why, you ask? Let me give you the background and then you guys can let me know if I was in the wrong or if my Plan Of Action made sense and the DH was just being grumpy.

DD and I came back from India with colds. The weather changes and the fact that my MIL and a couple of friends we visited had colds, all contributed to this. Once home, within a day or two the DH was sniffling as well.

I asked him to take medication in order to curb symptoms and get a peaceful night’s sleep. “I need to go cut my hair” he retorted. Now would be a good time to tell you that the DH firmly believes that having long hair causes him to get colds. So, like clockwork, he will go chop his locks once every 3-4 weeks. Time and again, I have told him that a haircut cannot cure him and time and again he has argued that not only does a haircut serve as a preventive measure but it also serves to act as medication.

This time, out of sheer frustration, when he suggested getting a haircut, I told him to go get his head shaved. I said”If you have no hair for the next 3 months, you won’t get any colds at all.”

To which he responded “You must have been the person who killed the golden egg laying goose in the Jataka tales. You have no patience to let things take their natural course, at all. Of course it had to be someone like you who cut open the goose to get all the golden eggs at once.”

Now, tell me if my plan sounded at all wrong to you. Per the DH’s theory, shouldn’t a shaved head solve the problem? Also, extrapolating further, bald people should never have colds, right??


11 thoughts on “Hmph!!

  1. Errr…your plan was all right – but the extrapolation is all wrong as that would only apply to those bald men having the same beliefs as the DH. 😛

    1. Now I need to do a poll of bald/balding men to see whether they get colds, how often they get them etc…. Oh God, the common cold is getting to be quite complicated

  2. Hahaha love the story. I have heard this from my dad so many times. He believes in the same theory. As for who is right ? I plead the 5 th 🙂

    1. You can’t plead the 5th,you have to come and be on my side. Somebody needs to be on my side on this one. There is no proof that haircuts can prevent colds, is there? I’m sure if that was the case, some University somewhere must have published a paper on this.

  3. Your hubby is hundred percent right.I cannot explain the rationale but a timely haircut keeps the cold away for men.Tonsuring the head to keep cold at bay is akin to killing the goose for golden eggs.

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