Flash Fiction 10

“Why don’t you have another child?” she’d forgotten how many times she’d been asked this question. She’d evade the questioner with a smile or say something trite like “The timing was never right” or “It just never happened.” Truth was, she herself didn’t know exactly why………she just didn’t like the idea of another kid.

That was until the day her mother pushed without respite on the issue and her evasive tactics simply didn’t work. “Because I know what it is like to be the non favorite child in the house, I never want my daughter to feel that way.” she retorted, shocking herself as much as she shocked her mother. 

This is my first attempt at writing flash fiction in more than 55 words (I doubled the word count to a 110). Some stories just need a little bit more fleshing out of the characters and the background. I’m not adept enough to do that in 55 words. Instead of explaining the story in the comments section, I figured I’d increase the word count. Feel free to let me know if my effort passes muster.


4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction 10

    1. Wanting her to have another kid because Indian society considers motherhood the single greatest accomplishment of a woman’s life is not the biggest issue here – although that is one of the underlying causes.. The bigger issue is the sense of not being loved equally by her parents – that is the major, although, unrealized cause that prevents her from having another child.

  1. There is nothing sacrosanct about 55 words.Not all stories lend themselves to such abridgement without sacrifing the quality.
    This is nice though I do not share your view that first child becomes non-favourite.In fact first borns tend to be bossy!

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