Moving on….

She was dead, unable to cross over, though. The protests and candle-light vigils had ended. The monsters that had caused her death had not been sentenced, yet. The headlines screamed of another gang rape. However, people were not as affected as last time. Life had gone back to normal. People had moved on. She should, too.

 Note: I am hoping, praying and begging that events do not unfold the way I describe in my Flash Fiction…..but past experience makes me pessimistic. 😦


7 thoughts on “Moving on….

    1. In a way, I am happy for her that she has moved on. if she had stayed back and seen the travesty of justice that is sure to take place, she’d have died a thousand times over!!

  1. Meera, as i read this post, simultaneously heard there have been other instances of rape in Delhi as well as elsewhere in the country. On 31/12 was talking to a female doctor at Tata hospital, Mumbai. She said her parents are not allowing her to step out fearing the worse / molestation. Previously only Delhi was known for rape, slowly I guess Mumbai is also catching up with Delhi…Sometimes I feel having laws like the Arab countries might help…but not sure if it is correct and whether it can be implemented in a country like ours. Really fail to understand why this is happening!!!

  2. As for Damini / Nirbhaya, do not know whether I should feel sad for her family that they have lost her at a young age or should feel happy for her, that she moved on (considering the various bits i am hearing on the henious crime she had to go through). Agreed, she was / is a brave girl and fought with her tormentors / life, but i guess the mental scars would have taken a toll on her.

    Anyways, you write well. keep continue doing so.

    1. She wanted to live, that is why her story moved so many. Most people are of the opinion that if one has been brutalized and/or raped and are in critical condition, it is better for one to die. Personally, I feel, had she lived, there’d have been greater impetus to get her justice. She’d have served as a role model for every girl that contemplates suicide after being raped.

      1. ya; I understand what you mean. As you rightly mentioned, I hope she has already “inspired” millions across the globe with her fighting spirit….May she be at peace wherever she is…..

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