Christmas is almost here…

and we have been busy preparing ourselves for its arrival. Here is some of what we have been doing.

Christmas Tree with the carousel, train set and the hot air balloon
Christmas Tree with the carousel, train set and the hot air balloon




Here’s a video of how everything looks when we turn it on. I hope you are having fun prepping for Christmas as well. I plan to inundate you with pictures of the gifts, the cookies we bake and of course the stocking. Keep visiting!!


7 thoughts on “Christmas is almost here…

  1. wow!!! I love Chirstmas season for its festivities and the fact that I was born on that day 🙂 so the day becomes special!! It feels the whole world is celebrating my day 😉

    1. Smita, get cake from Kamini that I introduced to you in my latest post and have a big piece for me. That way I will feel that I am celebrating with you, too. Happy Birthday in advance. I always maintain people born in December are the best, don’t you?

  2. Lovely Christmas decorations, Meera and festival wishes in advance to you and your family. I loved the video, particularly the segment with the train 🙂

    Now, what are you giving me for Christmas ? 😉

    1. Sudha, for Christmas, I wish for you good books, great food, lots of good times with friends and family, the Lord’s blessings for you and yours, great coffee and lots of wonderful music. Had I been in town, I would have personally come and given you the books and hugs and treated you to some homemade cookies and cakes

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