She heard footsteps and her heart thudded. She stealthily made her way to the stairs when she heard the door slam shut. As she ran down the stairs, she saw him at the foot of the staircase with his lips pursed. She clamped his mouth shut and said “Shhhhh….I just got the baby to sleep.”


12 thoughts on “Silence

  1. You know my email notification only for your posts only shows the first sentence and I conjured up vivid images of something else altogether. But this one is brilliant… Wow Meera !

    1. I was kind of banking on that. With FB, the entire 55 is revealed in the first 4 lines so the whole suspense is out 😦 Thank God, the email notification doesn’t do that πŸ™‚

        1. Oh I didn’t know that was an option, maybe I can change settings so that with 55’s at least, only the first line is revealed to all the readers and they have to hit “continue reading” to get the whole story… definitely going to try it the next time.

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