I have been tagged by a very young, budding writer. Her blog posts have been in turn funny, insightful, poignant and each one of them has entertained while causing me to think, dig a little deeper and even examine my soul, sometimes. She is Jahnvi.

Per the tag, I am required to list my blog posts under the following categories:

My Most Beautiful Post

My Most Popular Post

My Most Controversial Post

My Most Helpful Post

A Post whose success surprised me

A Post I feel did not get the attention it deserved

A Poem I am Proud of.

Then I am to tag 5 other bloggers is return.

So here goes –

My most Beautiful Post: The one I thought was most beautiful is “Things I wish…” I love this one because it’s about DD, it came from the heart, it took me less than 10 minutes to write and it is my hope tha he retains all the qualities mentioned in there

My Most Popular Post: is “Gaali, HP ishtyle”. I have no idea why this post is so popular, but it got 700 hits in one day. I was genuinely shocked since I was a newbie blogger and my monthly stats used to average 200 hits those days 🙂

My Most Controversial Post: Alas, I am not controversy’s favorite child so none of my posts have been controversial. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

My Most Helpful Post: is “I am in love…” A number of women wrote to me promising to try this out once this post was published

A Post whose success surprised me: To be perfectly honest, the success of every post surprises me. There are so many good writers out there. I wonder why people choose to read me, but then I am incredibly grateful to all those who do.

A Post I feel did not get the attention it deserved: All of my posts have received more attention than they deserve, so all I’d like to say is “Thank you” to all my readers

A Poem I am Proud of:is दिल में हूक उठी. I have very little room for romance or the softer things in my life. This poem is me at my most romantic and I am waxing eloquent about my favorite kind of love – the unrequited kind

So there I’ve fulfilled the first criterion of this tag. Now I am t tag 5 other bloggers. Not sure if I can tag 5 more but I’d definitely like to see the following people do this tag

Bikram from Me and My Random Thoughts

ME from The Era I lived In

Zephyr from Cybernag





8 thoughts on “Tagged!!

    1. Hello Flatlinerbooks, am immensely flattered by your invitation but unable to add a link to my blog to the comments section in the blog post you mention. I believe, comments for that particular post are now closed. 😦

  1. Thank you for Tagging me Meera, will try to do the tag soon 🙂
    In the meantime am off to reading your posts that you’ve picked in the given categories 😀

    1. I would have tagged you too, Sudha. Only, you’re one blogger I know that has no dearth of subjects to write on :). Btw, I wrote a brand new 55, I hope you like it.

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