The birthday Post

DD’s birthday has never merited much ink on the blog. I did not do a big post on her big day last year and I was planning to gloss over it this year too. But we had  such a big party ( not expensive, mind you)  just big in terms of the love, affection and good wishes that we were surrounded by all night, that I thought it deserved a post.

We’ve always tried to do something different for DD’s birthdays. One year we rented out the Children’s museum for 5 hours one time it was at the park. For a few years she was into inflatables so we did it at a couple of places in town that you can rent for parties. Last year all her friends went to a ceramic place to paint an item of their choice which was then glazed and given back to them.

This year, showing ever-increasing signs of turning into a young woman, DD wanted a spa day with her closest friends. So on Saturday, we made our way to the local nail salon for a spa day for 7 young ladies. There was a lot of discussion on what colors to pick, what patterns to go with and what designs to have on the nails. Eventually, all decisions being made, they sat down to get pampered. 90 minutes later, we had a bevy of beauties sporting purples, pinks, reds, oranges, shimmering grays, blues and greens. Needless to say, they took over the whole salon. They flitted from table to table, they cooed and tittered. It was such a girly thing to do. The only boy at the party – he made a brief appearance to drop his sister off and couldn’t handle it for more than 5 minutes. He said, I’m heading home with my mom. I will see you all at dinner.

We came home to a night of girls shrieking, yelling, getting their Foosball on with painted nails, food, cake, music and good times.

Last night,  for the first time, I looked at all of DD’s friends and realized they’re not babies any more. Somewhere, without us realizing, they have turned into young women. They’re poised, hold themselves with grace, talk charmingly and impress without trying.

I realized last night, I have to actually start thinking worrying about boys – lovely girls such as these are going to attract a lot of attention – both wanted and unwanted.

As a parent, while I am lamenting the loss of my baby and her innocent, babyish ways, I am also incredibly proud of the young women we have raised. I have not come across a smarter, prettier, more polite bunch of young things. On that note, I leave you with pictures of the revelry that went on last night.

DD’s nails getting prepped for the pedicure







DD’s friend takes her turn!!


Pretty hands await nail polish







There’s the pampering I was born for
The final look







Painted toes
Painted hands

14 thoughts on “The birthday Post

  1. Pretty girls , god bless them all. I can understand when you say you got to get worried.. but fear not anyone looks the wrong way let me know.. I will come over law or no law.. we deal with it the Punjabi way.. and that’s a promise..

    Happy birthday to the little one once agai…

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog post, fb pics and your comments. You are too good at this Meera! You create, enjoy and cover an event with such passion and patience. Kudos to you:)

    1. Thanks Umashankar. As she grows older, I realize more and more that her childhood is like sand slipping out from my closed fists. The tighter I hold, the quicker it flows. I’m doing all I can to save some of it here so I can look at it and relive it and maybe just maybe, I won’t miss it as acutely, then.

  3. Wishing DD a very very happy birthday! Wow – eight years old! But you know she is still a child. Until 13 I feel like they are still children. They sometimes seem like they are so grown up – but sometimes when I see how much they still play silly and laugh and what not – you feel like – wow these are kids…they still love sand play etc at this age…
    Glad they had a ton of fun on her birthday!! Dresses look lovely!

    1. Hey Noon, she’s a child, no doubt. It’s obvious when she cuddles, when she wants to be fed, when she giggles but she’s fast growing up too. Sometimes, she says such profound things that I am jolted that this girl I treat like a baby most of the time will be ready to fly the coop before I will ever be ready to let her go.

    1. Thanks Nachu… oh yeah I am a big fan of birthdays… I get excited about everyone’s including mine (never mind that I’m at an age where I should be dreading them). Birthdays are so much fun plus I’ll take any excuse to party 🙂

    1. Thanks Swaram… her birthday parties are a lot of work to put together but great fun and the smile on her face is always reward enough

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