Ladka acchha hai?? (What a suitable (??) boy)

I was watching this video and I asked DH if he would marry DD off to a guy who pulls this stunt in our backyard.

(One request – please consider this song alone, do not bring your knowledge of the movie into consideration.)

The kind of behavior Salman’s exhibiting might land the kid in a psychiatric facility.Β Also, any idiot who tries to swing on the swing set in my backyard might have the damn thing fall on his head but he definitely is not getting my daughter’s hand in marriage.

I have so much empathy for Alok Nath, now. In his head he must have wondered how the unshaven, somewhat angry 20-year-old who swings on a swing set would support his daughter.

Ahh, with age comes wisdom… at 13, I thought this song was the ultimate love ballad and Salman Khan was definitely the ONE for me. Thank God, good sense prevailed.


16 thoughts on “Ladka acchha hai?? (What a suitable (??) boy)

    1. Oh yes, lots of memories there – of all the 7 times I saw the movie (Video waala apna cassette la jaan bhool gaya ek hafte ke liye πŸ™‚ ). And yes, shukra hai Bhagwaan ka, akal kaam aa gayi warna aaj bhi kunwaari baithi hoti

      1. I know.

        we were a group of 20 from college went to see it , stood in balcony line, first day first show, huge line , the window shut down, then upper stall , window closed IN the end all 20 went ot lower stall , and created a rucus and pushed shoved everyone and stood first , only 2 per person were allowed, so one hand in , then second hand in , somehow managed to get tickets..

        then found if we spend money for cycles in cycle stand, wont have enough for Interval, So TIED all cycles together in a big chain to a pole πŸ™‚ outside

        and enjoyed the movie and obviously for us it was that girl πŸ™‚ not salman he he he he

        1. OMG, that’s quite a lot of work for one movie. I remember being very inspired by Bhagyasree’s real life love story. How she fell in love at 16 and married hr guy right after “Maine Pyar Kiya” released. πŸ˜€

  1. Thank God I don’t have any daughters and so don’t have to make such agonising decisions πŸ˜€

    You considered HIM the one for you? Seriously Meera? Even at 13? πŸ˜›

    1. Oh yeah Zephyr, rub it in, why don’t you?

      Also, at 13, I was so driven by hormones that Salman Khan was very attractive. Though, to be honest, I had a bigger crush on Aamir and that prevails to this day *blush blush*

    1. Nothing tricky about it… it was not like Salman was at my doorstep begging me to marry him :'(. Although, if you’re talking about marrying DD off – that is indeed a tricky decision. No man is ever going to be good enough 😦

      By the way, welcome Amit and thanks so much for commenting πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my! Went into flashback for few moments. Your “One Request”, totally stopped me from dissecting your post into pieces. Urrrgh! Anyway, I may be crazy, but yes, I’d marry my daughter to that Salman in the song. Who wouldn’t? I’ll ignore all his antics in the song for that singing voice Salman has, OMG! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank God I made that request, then :P. Also, thank God, DH doesn’t feel that strongly about Sallu bhai, either. Na main MPK waale Salman se apni beti ki shaadi karaati, na main aaj waale Salman se karaaoongi. You have to admit, he’s every bharatiya saasu ma’s nightmare πŸ™‚

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