Presenting Ms.Smart A$$

Last night at dinner, the following conversation unfolds

V (DD’s 8-year-old friend): Meera aunty, have you ever considered having another child?

Me: (Hemming and hawing, this was not what I expected when we sat down to dinner) Umm… beta, it’s like this…………………….

DD: Why does she need another child? I’m the daughter of her dreams.

DH and I sat there wondering when did our sweet, innocent child  turn into a Smarta$$??


10 thoughts on “Presenting Ms.Smart A$$

    1. Oh yes and all this despite the fact that i am a very strict parent. I wonder what would happen if I was the gushing, over pampering kind.

    1. She thinks she’s the daughter of our dreams. I have definitely not given her that idea. God alone knows where she picked it up from. 🙂

    1. Hugs right back to you from us. She’s enormously tickled that her one liner is being appreciated so much. Meri to ab khair nahi

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