Miyan Tansen, DD will never be :(

I took DD out to a Gundecha brothers concert last night. They are masters of the Dhrupad style of singing and easily the best known names in the field. I have heard them on Youtube and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to hear them live. Also, with the DH not being in town,  I decided DD and I would do something refined and cultured.

However, knowing DD, I was prepared and I carried the iPad and her Nintendo DS. That way if the program got too tedious she’d have something to do while listening to the music.

The concert was superb. The brothers started with an alaap in Rag Multani and sang 2 short compositions in the same rang. Then they did a short alaap in Rag Hamir and sang another composition in the same raag. We left right when they started to sing Raag Bhupali since it was 11:00 PM. I had a friend and her mother accompany me to the concert. The friend has a 2-year-old who was being watched by her husband. The concert was set to run for another hour or two and staying on till 1:00 AM was not an option for her or me, given that we had to drive back about a half hour at that time of night.

The concert included a conversational piece where the Gundecha brothers answered questions about the Dhrupad style of singing. The answers were illuminating and very interesting. I asked DD to pay close attention to the questions and answers so she could add to her knowledge of music.

One of the questions posed was about the importance of Tanpura in Indian Classical Music and the brothers explained why the Tanpura is essential to Indian Classical music and the only accompaniment used in the Dhrupad style of singing besides the Pakhawaj.

It wasn’t an answer I expected DD to fully understand, but I wanted her to know how important this 4 stringed instrument is, so I told her “Do you know the music box you use to set scales when you practise music? It is actually the Tanpura you are listening to on that music box?”

DD, who had been struggling to maintain an interested look on her face while longingly staring at the iPad in my purse says “Oh, so it is the Toonpura that’s being played when I sing the Sa Pa Sa?”

Miya Tansen, she will not be  😦

P.S: I tried hard to get a video of the Brothers singing Rag Multani, I couldn’t so I’m posting a link to them singing a Kabir Bhajan in Raag Charukesi. I love the raag and the rendition is superb, needless to say. Enjoy!!


10 thoughts on “Miyan Tansen, DD will never be :(

  1. i have come again 😀

    u r quite an art and culture kinda person, eh? now i m going to do a little research on Tanpura.

    do suggest me some nice music.

    1. You’re welcome back. Are you receiving notifications, now? I’m not the cultural sort but I have learnt music and while I did not enjoy concerts when I was younger, I do like them now 🙂 Please do research the Tanpura, it is a remarkable instrument.

    1. I hope she does, although she’s my daughter and I professed hating classical music for the first 30 years of my life. Maybe she’ll get into it when she’s older. I can expose her to the art form and hope for the best.

      Welcome to the blog!!

  2. But Meers, never mind about DD not being Miyan Tansen. There won’t be another DD either. She’s an original. And an absolute darling at that. 🙂

    She reminds me of the time i used to be dragged to concerts by my Amma. What kept me going was the popcorn that I would get to eat at the various Sabhas. I enjoyed some concerts and absolutely hated some others.

    1. Thanks for saying she’s an original. Wouldn’t say it to her, though, will give her an even bigger head.

      What’s sustaining me is I was not a big fan of concerts when i was younger but I like them now. Maybe she’ll enjoy it more as she grows up. So, I’ll drag her to concerts and sit her down with all the iGadgets until she starts enjoying them.

    1. She can do any style of music as long as she finds a place for it in her life. I have learnt to love concerts now, and her dad can sit/sleep through most of them. So for now, she will have to go to concerts. 🙂

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