Conversations with the better-bitter/bitter-better half

I needed to get some passport sized photos for some documentation yesterday. The DH has been nagging me (quite a role reversal, here) for the last few days. So last night, I said I’d go get them done. The DH very kindly offered to drive me.

We have a choice of 2 stores where this can be done and both are fairly close. The DH asked me where I’d like to go. I’m going to reproduce the conversation in Hindi and then translate in English for those that don’t understand Hindi

DH: Kaunse dukaan jaana hai Costco ya Walgreen’s?

Me: Patidev, aap jahaan le jaayein, main waheen chali jaaoongi. Main ek pativrata patni hoon. Mera swarg-narak sabhi kuch aapse hai. Aap agar swarg le jaayenge to main swarg jaoongi warna aapke peeche peeche narak tak bhi chali jaaoongi.

DH: Mera jaana zaroori hai kya? Main tumhe akele hi narak bhej deta hoon

Me: (*in my head*) Why am I still with this man?

Now in English:

DH: Which store do you want to go to – Costco or Walgreen’s?

Me: Wherever you take me, I’m your devoted wife. I will follow you to the lap of luxury in heaven or the dungeons of hell

DH: Do I have to go with you? Can I send you to hell by yourself?

Me: Ahhhhhhhh do I need to repeat? Why am I with this man?


28 thoughts on “Conversations with the better-bitter/bitter-better half

      1. 😀 jab yahan aa jayengi, tab mill ke peet lijiyega. 🙂
        but by then, would have given you many more reasons too (assuming u keep sharing ur dh’s sense of humour with us).

  1. do u watch a lot of hindi serials 😀 ? even i m developing interest in serials and soon going to talk like this 😀

    as far as swarg and narak r concerned, i wud prefer narak coz thats where i ll find everyone 😀

    lovely post as always

    1. Nice, not a word of support for me…. not one”Oh poor woman, you have to deal with so much.” It’s all about why it was okay for him to say such things

    1. Yeh lo, mujhe laga tha ki ek ladki mera saath degi… mujhe support karegi, yeh bhi mere hi dimaag ko hi shaitaan ka ghar keh rahi hai. You’ve gone over to the dark side, Swati 😦

  2. As others I dont see him less humorous, Unki Hazir zawabi aapke lekhni ko nikhar deti hai… 😛 😛
    But nice and small.

    P.S. Mujhe pata hai aab mujhe reply kya milega ..Ha ha ha.. 😀

              1. साईन अप किया है आपने,
                पतिव्रता नारी रूप में,
                कदम कदम पर देना होगा साथ,
                बारिश में और धूप में|

                वो खुश होंगे, अपनी हर छोटी जीत पर,
                उकसायेंगे आपको आपकी हर बात पर,
                देने वाले कई होंगे साथ उसके,
                आपके रोने पर ध्यान देंगे|

                वो गलत फहमी के शिकार होंगे,
                लेकिन उनके आस पास दरबार होंगे,
                आप करेंगी कर्म प्रशंसा ओ पाएंगे,
                आप जागेंगी ओ सोयेंगे|

                लेकिन सच्चाई बस उन्हें है पता,
                ओ न भी बताएं पर मालूम है
                उन्हें अपनी हर खता,
                उन्हें है पता आपकी चाहत का,
                ख्याल रखते हैं आपके आहात न होने का|

                बस छोटी छोटी तू तू मैं मैं ,
                बांध रखी है डोर,
                मजबूत है इसकी जोड़,
                न टूटी है न टूटेगी,
                विश्वास है हमे आप सदा खुश रहेंगी|

                a small effort to give u smile….:P

  3. “Why am I with this man?”

    Kyunki aap ek bhartiya pativrata naari hain aur aapke pati aapke parmeshwar hain. Aur parmeshwar ko thodi na koi chhod kar jaata hai ! And yes, you also luvvv your patidev 😀

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