She kept saying “This isn’t my fault” but what if she had acted differently that night? Taken a cab, dressed more appropriately, stayed with friends – maybe she wouldn’t be standing here today. Could any of those things have prevented her from being here – waiting for the judge to sentence the man who had raped her?

Edited to Add: Check out this link, ties in nicely with my 55 word fiction



13 thoughts on “Guilty

  1. This is how we women are…always blaming ourselves and thinking that we could have avoided the situation.

    Brilliant writing Meera. You rule 55 Fiction. I want to post the ones I have written but I am not sure…

    1. True Saru. We are forever blaming ourselves… even if it’s not our fault. You should definitely post your 55s. I, for one, would love to read them.

  2. It might have, or it might not. There are sadly enough, guys who prey not coz of how the gal entices, if she does. It might not even have been the way, but unfortunately, a lot of the community sees the inappropriate dressing as the only reason sometimes. This might be tagged fiction, but a lot of gals out there would find it to be otherwise I think. Beautifully written.

    1. Hey Leo,

      All you’ve said is true. No matter how a girl dresses, it should not be an invitation to any one to force her against her will. What needs to change is man’s perception of woman as an object. That and society’s attitude towards this crime. 7 years of imprisonment is not enough for a crime of this nature. You can leave the victim alive but often times that’s worse than death.

      Thanks, as always for stopping by and raising interesting points of view.

  3. lovely and very nice.

    Well she can wait for the judge .. but then even after the wait the judge might just reduce the sentence as the rapist might have a Good lawyer …

    the way our law works

    1. The reduced sentence happens way more than we’d like it to. I think, rape is the only crime where the victim feels just as guilty, if not more than the perpetrator.

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