Bad Bad week

This has been a rough week, we had the accident last week and the car was hauled away today. I have been a blubbering mess all morning. Who knew a mere car would reduce me to such a state?

That car was special, though. It was our first big investment, it was our only car for 5 years. DD came home from the hospital in that car. We did quite a few road trips with that hunk of metal. A lot of good times were had and the car was an integral part of all of those times.

Today, I sent it away with a heavy heart. It’s going to be sold for parts now. I thought it fitting to pay tribute to it on my blog. I will do so by way of some pictures. Here they are

This is right after we bought it 11 years ago. There's DH, myself and my dad on his 1st visit to the US after I moved here
This is the back after the accident
This is the front after we slammed into the SUV ahead of us.




















In other news, Deb, who I read and follow regularly is having his work stolen. which sucks big time. A couple of people have lifted portions of his blog posts and made it their own. People should not write if they don’t have original material. I agree that not every thought is original. But how you express that thought is what makes it original and unique. Even the 55 word fiction I write has its basis in things I have seen, heard or read. However, I don’t copy material outright or when I do so, I never do it without permission or without giving credit where it’s due. Isn’t that just the decent way to behave?

Lack of decency, that is the problem these days. The person who rear ended us and did not wait to see if there were any injuries, people who steal intellectual property, they lack decency.

Ahhhh, I’m just pissed and upset now. I better go, I will write later when I have gotten over all this.


10 thoughts on “Bad Bad week

  1. wow thats a cool car. its really sad that u have to sell it for parts now.

    and thank u so much for taking time and writing about that copy thing. u were following that story like NDTV reporters 😀

    1. It wasn’t a very expensive car or the best model or make in the market but first cars have a way of making a place in your heart.

      On the plagiarism thing, yeah, i’m hoping to shame those people into oblivion.

  2. Its really appalling to note the lack of decency among a lot of people these days.. the least the driver could have done was to check if you guys were ok. Take care.

    1. Hey Bhargavi,

      The overwhelming opinion, he was probably drunk or underage or both and did not want to risk a huge fine, hence the hit and run. What an ass, though!!

  3. A sad state of affairs indeed! Some people have no idea how much misery their callousness and indifference can cause to others. Feel sorry for you and the other blogger. You can be so helpless in these situations. Take care!

  4. I can so relate to the sadness that comes with letting go of your car. We have to sell ours soon. It’s so dear to us. I can imagine the kind of emotions in store for us 😦

    1. Ahhh, cars, who knew hunks of metal could be so dear? You don’t think of them much when they’re taking you from on place to another but when it comes time to give them up…. well, mine just about broke my heart. I hope you find another one that you love just as much.

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