And we’ve broken our first resolution for this year…….

… having a massive argument with DH on a highly inconsequential issue. And then to exacerbate things, I started another argument on purpose just as soon as we finished the first one. What, if you are going to break a resolution, might as well go all out πŸ˜›

Speaking of resolutions, the others included

  • Drink more water – Haven’t done this in all of last week
  • Lose weight – HAHAHAHAHA – I’ve gained weight
  • Be more tolerant – be tolerant of DH when he watches India lose to Australia on the second day of the test match in 4 consecutive test matches. Be more tolerant of DD when you give her specific instructions and she disregards every one of them and then says “Amma, whatever you asked me to do/get/find/put away cannot be done for completely idiotic reasons. Be tolerant of DH when he says “Arey tumne to yeh bataya hi nahi.” (you did not tell me about this at all) when I specifically tell/remind him of things and add “Tum sun nahi rahe ho” (You are not listening to me) when I see his eyes glued to his laptop. He responds with “Mera saara dhyaan tum par kendrit hai (All my attention is focused on you). Yes, he does go on a shudh (pure) Hindi speaking spree from time to time. Yet, 2 hours later follows it up with “Arey….. nahi.”
  • Spend more time beautifying myself – beautifying, really, beautifying?? What was I thinking when I made this one? I walked into work a couple of days ago without having brushed my hair. Thank God I have coworkers who focus on my inner beauty. On the inside I can give Aishwarya Rai a run for her money.
  • have lesser arguments with DH – refer to beginning of post
  • pray more – God forgive me, I doubt I have spoken to God except to ask for things. I’m not sure if that counts as prayer, even when I use my own, very liberal standards.

Actually now that I think about it, I have broken all my resolutions. You know what, now I don’t feel so bad about having argued with DH. I was suffering unnecessary guilt over having broken my first resolution and all.

There, I knew I could make myself feel better by writing things down and I was right. Now next year, I will set the bar even lower. Then, maybe, just maybe, I will follow through on them. Hope springs eternal, doesn’t it?

How about you guys? We’re almost at the end of the first month in the New Year. How are all of you doing with them resolutions? Feel free to over share, after all misery loves company.


18 thoughts on “And we’ve broken our first resolution for this year…….

    1. Hey Deb,

      I’m glad you fell that way, now i know I’m in exalted company. Oh and as regards SRK and KJo, nw I know why they make movie after movie, they have loyalists like you supporting them. On this issue, we’ll have to agree to disagree, Deb. I still think they suck and praise them some more and I’ll do an entire post on why I think they suck πŸ™‚

        1. Holy crap, you don’t give up, do you? Okay very soon, I will be doing one post exclusively on why SRK and KJo should never, ever think of making movies, ever again.

    1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I cannot tell you how emosional I am feeling right now. Here I was feeling like Will Smith from “I am Legend” in the realm of broken New Year resolutions and now I find, I am no longer alone. I have company and great company, no less:)

      Read your daily dabba saga and the “sophisticating” comment was priceless πŸ˜€

  1. You share some resolutions like drinking more water, losing weight and work on my looks. But the difference between you and me is that I make these resolutions every night and break them every morning…

    So, now I say resolutions are meant to be broken!

  2. I haven’t kept mine up so good to see my friend sailing along and the 1st month isn’t even done yet…. What were we thinking we made these resolutions? Actually, it makes me wonder aren’t rues meant to be broken….

    1. Thanks Hari… that seems to be the overwhelming opinion. Not to make any resolutions. I have tried that too, but ultimately, I give in and make a few and the cycle continues.

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