DD’s quips

on the Disney trip..

Scene 1

We’re at the Shamu show and playing 20 questions since the show hasn’t started yet. DD’s thought of some animal, that I haven’t been able to guess after a good 25 questions. She tells me what animal she’d thought of once I accept defeat, then proceeds to give me a 5 minute lecture on the significant characteristics of the animal – Secretary bird, in case you were interested.

Post the lecture, I remark to DH, next time you have a question about an animal, let’s ask DD before we check Google and DD quips “I don’t want to come across as a know-it-all but I am just so much more intelligent than you” We forgot to train on modesty, apparently 😦

Scene 2

We’re in line for California Screamin – DD’s going to do this alone.. because, well because she wants to. DH and I agree to stand in line with her but sit in different cars, so she’s not thought of as a sissy. While in line, DH is giving DD some last minute instructions namely put on the safety belt and make sure it’s secure, hold onto the bar for support, do not be scared. If you are, close your eyes. She turns around and goes “Daddy, stop. I will be fine. But if you are scared, i can sit with you.

At this point I’m starting to think it’s easier to count what we taught her. Apparently, the list of things we didn’t teach her, modesty, a healthy fear of dangerous things, not talking to strangers, being less of a smartass……. that list is way too long.



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