Songs that DD is into………….

A mere 3 months ago DD was happily singing Mauja Hi Mauja, Uff Teri Ada and 4 baj gaye lekin….. and I would still cringe since she would innocently mouth the lyrics. She would ask me for meanings but it was easy to tell her that she would have to learn Hindi in order to understand these songs.

Now, I present 7-year-old DD and she listens to the following

On the last one which is a song by Anna Abreu, DD goes “Mom, she doesn’t love him, he thinks he loves her, but he doesn’t get her at all so he probably doesn’t love her.”

I, of course, by this point was speechless. Never mind that I did not figure out the above-mentioned philosophy until I was in my twenties.

The saving grace, in all of this, except for the last song where she could have written a  doctoral thesis, if she chose to, DD does not understand the lyrics to any of the other songs she professes to love. She makes her up her own lyrics. Thank God, for little mercies.


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