A Perfect Day!!

I am going to start this one-off with a quote from a favorite Hrishikesh Mukherjee movie “Its so simple to be happy but its so difficult to be simple”
My day yesterday was a testament to simplicity. We woke up late, had a leisurely cup of tea while admiring the beauty of the rhododendrons in the backyard. The rhododendron is an unassuming plant, nothing to admire when the flowers are not blooming. Nothing to admire when only a couple of buds bloom but when the plant is in full bloom like ours is, its spectacular. The neighborhood kids were all out taking advantage of the sunshine that’s so rare in our part of the world. The next 4 hours were spent watching kids flit in an out of everyone’s houses and yards. They blew bubbles, chased each other around, played on the swings, dug in the backyard. One of our neighbors was kind enough to rig up her inflatable water slide and they spent a good hour going up and down the slide. DD did not need monitoring except for one of us looking out the window every once in a while. I cleaned the house and took my time doing it. I managed to actually talk to DH while doing so. Normally, house cleaning is a frenzied activity where I’m busy shooing DH and DD out of the house so I can clean in peace and then rushing to finish said cleaning before they return from the errands I’ve set. But yesterday, DH sat at the kitchen island sipping his second cup of tea while I cleaned the kitchen and we spoke about everything and nothing. We discussed important things like my impending trip to India with DD and non essentials like chai mein kitni shakkar honi chahiye and the merits of adrak ki chai versus elaichi ki chai. After almost 11 years of marriage, I welcome these conversations over the routine ones of “What time do you have to go to work in the morning?” “Will you pick up DD or should I?” “Please pick up milk, eggs and bread on your way home.”
We celebrate milestones in our life. The all important 10th wedding anniversary, the promotions, a new car. I’m not taking away from the importance of those days but they are few and far between. A beautiful, bright day filled with the noise of boisterous children, singing birds, shared conversation deserves a commemoration of its own – if only by way of a blog.
My rhododendrons

The roses in my front yard – for 6 years now I have had over 600 blooms each season. Now wonder they call Portland the Rose City

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